For those of us who have silently watched while the future of all our children becomes more uncertain every day, now is the time to speak. Perhaps together we can create a trail of truth through the "haunted forest" of our global situation where our daughters and sons can choose Life and Truth over Death by Deception.

April 23, 2005

The Day That Will Live in Infamy: 9/11

It certainly seems to me that the world changed noticeably on September 11th 2001.

Before this day, for those of us who thought we recognized the truly murderous bent of the "American Empire" and its aims for the world, even when it was clad in its "With a Human Face" aspect, it was still a shock.

And, for some, an awakening opportunity.

Some of us who dreamed we were awake while we were actually still snoozing in our complacent luxury in the U.S. were jolted awake to the reality that we aren't "exempt" from the ravenous appetites of the elite Empire builders. That we are just as expendable as any third-worlder or foreign foe which they could create.

And our complacency and dreaming in fact contributed to the existence of this elite Empire-building cabal. We also contribute to this dynamic when we refuse to seek out or even recognize the truth as it is.

Out of this shock, the 911 Truth Movement evolved. And various researchers have devoted much time and energy to attempt to uncover the truth of 911. This was after all a pivotal event in the evolution of this terrible dynamic. And it seems to be the important key which we need to unlock the labyrinth from which this cabal springs.

About a year ago, infighting in the 911 Truth Movement began to be seen. What started out as a spontaneous searching by various independent researchers cooperating to find the truths of this event began to unravel.

My first glimpse of this came when I read Dave McGowan's website's posting of 911 researcher, Mike Ruppert's, "Peak Oil" and "overpopulation"(!) focus as more important than the truth of 911 in his following "solution" to what he sees as the real problems:

"1. Instead of advocating war I oppose it. Anyone who has attended any of my more than 35 lectures in eight countries (more than 15,000 live audience members) will know, of a certainty, that my position on solutions is absolutely clear. I advocate an immediate cessation of all military conquest and imperialism by the US government and industrialized powers; an end to the war on terror. I advocate an immediate convening of political, economic, spiritual and
scientific leaders from all nations to address the issue of Peak Oil (and Gas) and its immediate implications for economic collapse, massive famine and climate destruction (partially as a result of reversion to coal plants which accelerate global warming). This would, scientifically speaking, include immediate steps to arrive at a crash program - agreed to by all nations and in accordance with the highest spiritual and ethical principles - to stop global population growth and to arrive at the best possible and most ethical program of population reduction as a painful choice made by all of humanity. It would also include arrival at a painful, but absolutely necessary, plan to implement a global program of "contraction and convergence" whereby consumption, rampant economic growth based on globalization, and corrupt economic practices is reversed in favor of a planned and executed program intended to reduce the size of a world economy which is inherently linked to the consumption of hydrocarbon energy. In stating this position I have made it clear that nothing of any real significance will be
changed at all until a complete revision is made in the way money works -- on a global and local scale -- because it is financial activity and monetary policy which will dictate how any contingency plans are implemented and paid for."

In other words, he seems to advocate a "rational, concensus genocide" plan!

Needless to say I was very shocked when I read this. It reminded me very much of the Club of Rome sponsored books which I had read in the 70s, such as The Limits to Growth, which advocated a "lifeboat ethics" approach to the "overpopulated" world. A triaging of vast swaths of "useless eaters" in the "third world."

As can easily be seen today, Africa is indeed a very noticeable victim of this long-held "vision" of the elite cabal.

It is horrific.

And Mike Ruppert is espousing these very same views. A very "popular" and visible person who seemed to come from the 911 Truth Movement.


So I searched around today and found this most interesting related blog posting:

Please do go to this link and read it. It is too lengthy to include here and I think all of it and the comments are worth reading. Especially its references to another blog which has some very interesting "inside information" on what is probably the "smoking gun" case which exposes the entire 911 Hoax in its full glory: the physical impossibility that a Boeing 767, Flight 77, hit the Pentagon on 911.

March 08, 2005

A "Smoking Gun" of the Third Kind?

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you, right?


And the reasons I say this may surprise you!

I just got through reading a MOST INTERESTING article which explores possible reasons why smoking is being promoted by the Powers That Be as the Number 1 health hazard in our world.

And most people buy this hook, line and sinker.

Think I'm crazy? Especially since I claim in this blog to be concerned for the future of our children?

Well, as I am finding out in my intensive searching into the reasons why the world seems to have gone completely mad lately and worry about our children having a future at all, the truth is often most bizarre. And, if we are willing to leave all the assumptions we carry around with us from our intensively programmed lives, maybe--just maybe--we can begin to SEE the threads which connect what we think is just insanity into a workable pattern of discerning how to create that future for our children. Not to mention staying alive ourselves.

Take a chance. Stretch your perceptual abilities and read this article.

Your children may thank you.

March 07, 2005

Secret History of the World

I ran across this most interesting sounding book which has just been published.

Here is how it is described:

Secret History of the World

If you heard the Truth, would you believe it? Ancient civilisations. Hyperdimensional realities. DNA changes. Bible conspiracies. What are the realities? What is disinformation?

The Secret History of The World and How To Get Out Alive is the definitive book of the real answers where Truth is more fantastic than fiction. Laura Knight-Jadczyk, wife of internationally known theoretical physicist, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, an expert in hyperdimensional physics, draws on science and mysticism to pierce the veil of reality. Due to the many threats on her life from agents and agencies known and unknown, Laura left the United States to live in France, where she is working closely with Patrick Rivière, student of Eugene Canseliet, the only disciple of the legendary alchemist Fulcanelli.

With sparkling humour and wisdom, she picks up where Fulcanelli left off, sharing over thirty years of research to reveal, for the first time, The Great Work and the esoteric Science of the Ancients in terms accessible to scholar and layperson alike.

Conspiracies have existed since the time of Cain and Abel. Facts of history have been altered to support the illusion. The question today is whether a sufficient number of people will see through the deceptions, thus creating a counter-force for positive change - the gold of humanity - during the upcoming times of Macro-Cosmic Quantum Shift. Laura argues convincingly, based on the revelations of the deepest of esoteric secrets, that the present is a time of potential transition, an extraordinary opportunity for individual and collective renewal: a quantum shift of awareness and perception which could see the birth of true creativity in the fields of science, art and spirituality. The Secret History of the World allows us to redefine our interpretation of the universe, history, and culture and to thereby navigate a path through this darkness. In this way, Laura Knight- Jadczyk shows us how we may extend the possibilities for all our different futures in literal terms.

With over 850 pages of fascinating reading, The Secret History of The World and How to Get Out Alive is rapidly being acknowledged as a classic with profound implications for the destiny of the human race. With painstakingly researched facts and figures, the author overturns long-held conventional ideas on religion, philosophy, Grail legends, science, and alchemy, presenting a cohesive narrative pointing to the existence of an ancient techno-spirituality of the Golden Age which included a mastery of space and time: the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone, the True Process of Ascension. Laura provides the evidence for the advanced level of scientific and metaphysical wisdom possessed by the greatest of lost ancient civilizations - a culture so advanced that none of the trappings of civilization as we know it were needed, explaining why there is no 'evidence' of civilization as we know it left to testify to its existence. The author's consummate synthesis reveals the Message in a Bottle reserved for humanity, including the Cosmology and Mysticism of mankind Before the Fall when, as the ancient texts tell us, man walked and talked with the gods. Laura shows us that the upcoming shift is that point in the vast cosmological cycle when mankind - or at least a portion of mankind - has the opportunity to regain his standing as The Child of the King in the Golden Age.

If ever there was a book that can answer the questions of those who are seeking Truth in the spiritual wilderness of this world, then surely The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive is it.

The Secret History of The World and How To Get Out Alive by Laura Knight- Jadczyk, published by Red Pill Press, Preface by Patrick Rivière €35.00 (867 pages).

February 16, 2005

A Very Sad Situation

The former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri, was murdered on Monday.

This does NOT bode well for the future of our children. No, not at all.

This has the potential to escalate an already explosive situation in the Middle East into total war. Who benefits from this barbarous act of incitement? Certainly NOT the Syrians, who Bush is pointing his scheming finger at now.

How convenient for Bush that a member of the "Axis of Evil" would present him with such a convenient excuse for attack!

So, the two likeliest candidates, I'm afraid, are Israel and United States intelligence. The CIA or Mossad (or both). I see no other logical explanation. Especially considering the actual bombing details.

How sad. Hariri had managed to pull Lebanon out of 15 years of utter chaos into a stable, functioning country. Despite its surrounding situation and sad recent history which had left it devastated.

Naturally, the Powers That Be in this world couldn't sit still for that.

How sad for us all

February 15, 2005

The 911 Truth Movement: What is the truth?

Amidst the din of lies coming from the talking heads on the tube and the mainstream media supporting the neocon agenda in the U.S., there was a growing voice of many people who were questioning what seemed to be the origins of our current Orwellian nightmare: 9-11. And they discussed and presented painstaking research on the internet ever since that fateful day. The only viable alternative in our present nearly totally "corporatized" lives.

In other words, the coup which overthrew any pretense of a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people...".

This came to be called the "911 Truth Movement."

Over time, some of the questioning voices gained followings. Others disappeared from the net. And then, after some more time passed, approximately 2-1/2 years after the dastardly deed was done, infighting between these various researchers and their followers began. Just as the "race" for the presidency was heating up. And, more importantly, the movement had really begun to widely spread throughout a large sector of the U.S. population.

What started out as a "united front" began its disintegration into factions and bickering. Right when unity of purpose--to expose the absurd conspiracy theory that wild-eyed Arabs with box cutters pulled off a very well-coordinated, high tech major attack on the United States--was essential.

I ran across this interesting article which gives some facts and analysis of two of these faction leaders in the 911 Truth Movement. One who is quite well known and has had quite a big following it seems. It's worth a read.

Why do any viable movements which have the potential to empower us to know the truth about our collective situation seem to always fall into this pattern? I've watched it happen decade after decade. Why are movements which actually have a potential to improve our lives (imagine, if you will, a world where there were no "orange alerts" designed to make us tremble, for example) always coopted?

Are we really that dumb?

Interesting question.

And what are our children learning in their schools under the guise of "progressive education?"

I'll leave that question for a future posting.

February 03, 2005

You Create Your Own Reality? But How and What Will It Be (or Not Be)?

Lately, a group I belong to on the web which was posting current news stories (which are increasingly very shocking and scary!) has taken a noticeable turn. I started noticing the "signs" of this "turn" soon after the bogus election in November. For a while, they all seemed to be in shock on this group. Slowly, they started posting chit chatty, inane posts. Now, several members have decided that they don't want to read any "bad news" articles anymore and complain when those few left who need to see what is actually happening now do post these articles. They think that they need to "overcome their negative thoughts" by simply ignoring the news.

For instance, one member attended a conference with Barbara Marciniak channeling the "Pleidians" and posted this summary of part of it:

"Time is going to accelerate faster and faster and your thoughts will manifest instantly from 07 be sure you're intending what you want to manifest.. So, with boot camp about over the end of 06, practise now to keep your thoughts positive.. where do you place your attention. Monitor your thoughts for an hour.. then a day..until every moment.. you are in control of what you think. If you are thinking a negative thought, whatever it be, get out into nature.. listen to the birds song, the wind in the trees..lean against a tree and ask it to share it's great strength, watch the butterflys and the bees busy at their work, pick some flowers, plant some herbs.."

Well...excuse me, but I see no evidence whatsoever that the "New Age" drivel they are so rapturously taking in and espousing has any basis in reality at all. They think that by just stating things like the above, that makes it so. I say, demonstrate its validity for yourself instead of blindly accepting what you wishfully hope will be so. Where is your research to back this up? Where are the experiments which can show us that this has any probability at all of being true?

I certainly don't detect any change of "being" in these people whatsoever. Which is why I dismissed the "New Age" material which is rampant in the first place. I have seen no effect whatsoever from all these people throwing out "love and light" at the world on the events unfolding around us on the planet at this time. Have you?
Interestingly, just before the election I came across this very intriguing editorial by Laura Knight-Jadczyk on the Signs of the Times webpage. In fact, it has inspired my writing this blog entry, and I'm sure some future ones as well. In this editorial she writes:

"Our universe seems to be made up of matter/energy and of consciousness.

Matter/energy by itself "prefers", as it seems, a chaotic state.

Matter/energy by itself doesn't even have a concept of "creation" or
"organization". It is the consciousness that brings to life these concepts and by its interaction with matter pushes the universe towards chaos and decay or towards order and creation.

This phenomenon can modeled mthematically and simulated on a computer using EEQT (Event Enhanced Quantum Theory). Whether EEQT faithfully models the interaction of consciousness with matter - we do not know. But chances that it does because it seems to describe correctly physical phenomena better than just the orthodox quantum mechanics or its rival theories (Bohmian mechanics, GRW etc.)

What we learn from EEQT can be described in simple terms as follows:

Let us call our material universe "the system". The system is characterized by a certain "state". It is useful to represent the state of the system as a point on a disc. The central point of the disk, its origin, is the state of chaos. We could also describe it as "Infinite Potential." The points on the boundary represents "pure states" of being, that is states with "pure, non- fuzzy, knowledge". In between there are mixed states.
The closer the state is to the boundary, the more pure, more 'organized' it is.

Now, an external "observer", a "consciousness unit", has some idea - maybe accurate, maybe false or anywhere in between - about the "real state" of the system, and observes the system with this "belief" about the state. Observation, if prolonged, causes the state of the system to "jump". In this sense, you DO "create your own reality", but the devil, as always, is in the details.

The details are that the resulting state of the system under observation can be more pure, or more chaotic depending on the "direction" of the jump. The direction of the jump depends on how objective - how close to the reality of the actual state - the observation is.

According to EEQT if the expectations of the observer are close to the actual state of the system, the system jumps, more often than not, into more organized, less chaotic state.

If, on the other hand, the expectation of the observer is close to the negation of the actual state (that is when the observer's beliefs are closer to being false than to being true according to the ACTUAL state - the objective reality), then the state of the system, typically, will jump into a state that is more chaotic, less organized. Moreover, it will take, as a rule, much longer time to accomplish such a jump.

In other words, if the observer's knowledge of the actual state is close to the truth, then the very act of observation and verification causes a jump quickly, and the resulting state is more organized. If the observer's knowledge of the actual state is false, then it takes usually a long time to cause a change in the state of the system, and the resulting state is more chaotic.

What this means is that order can be brought out of chaos by observing chaos as it IS and not pretending that it is otherwise.

In short, everyone who "believes" in an attempt to "create reality" that is different from what IS, increases the chaos and entropy. If your beliefs are orthogonal to the truth, no matter how strongly you believe them, you are essentially coming into conflict with how the Universe views itself and I can assure you, you ain't gonna win that contest. You are inviting destruction upon yourself and all who engage in
this "staring down the universe" exercise with you.

On the other hand, if you are able to view the Universe as it views itself, objectively, without blinking, and with acceptance, you then become more "aligned" with the Creative energy of the universe and your very consciousness becomes a transducer of order. Your energy of observation, given unconditionally, can bring order to chaos, can create out of infinite potential."

Whoa! If this is in fact true, then all the "love and lighters" may be adding to the chaos in our world which seems to be quickly threatening our very existence! They are denying Creation itself it seems! This certainly puts things in a very different perspective, doesn't it?

Of course, she states that she is not entirely certain that this applies when she writes, "Whether EEQT faithfully models the interaction of consciousness with matter - we do not know. But chances that it does because it seems to describe correctly physical phenomena better than just the orthodox quantum mechanics or its rival theories (Bohmian mechanics, GRW etc.)." So I read more at the website. I discovered that her husband, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, has a section of the website as well and he is a theoretical physicist who has developed the EEQT theory. It looks like a very promising theory to understand better, as best I can. As do many other series at this website. I am currently reading this most interesting one.

Certainly, it affects greatly how we might interact with our children. What model they will see and ultimately adopt for themselves to varying extents (depending on the individual child-person) when they are adults depends on how we act now in our own lives. That is, what we demonstrate to them in our daily lives.

Again, very critically important for our childrens' future, wouldn't you agree?

January 29, 2005

Armageddon, Earth Changes or a Future Life for Our Children?

There seems to be no other place to start this than from the precarious position from which we seem to be currently teetering.

There is a cabal of madmen/psychopaths, also known as the "Neocons", who have seized control of the U.S. government. Yes, there was a coup in the U.S.A. It is a fact.

Those of you who have researched the evidence of the 9-11 event will already at least have a pretty healthy suspicion that indeed what I wrote above is true.

Yet, the word "coup" remains unspoken to this day within the U.S. itself in all "official" and "mainstream" communications. It also is not spoken 'out loud' in everyday, interpersonal interactions amongst Americans.

Now, how can this be? How is it possible that nearly 3-1/2 years after a coup took place in a country, for all appearances, nobody even noticed it?

Is it some sort of collective madness?

Have I gone mad?

Where can a reasonable explanation of how this could be be found?

So I began researching it in earnest, in the only place it seems to be found in our currently mad world, the internet.

This blog is an effort to present some of the more interesting things I have learned in this journey and whether there is indeed some way that our children may have a future life in the face of this chaos and madness descending all around us.

What could be more important than this?

January 17, 2005

The VigilAunt

How to name a blog?

Well...Awareness is most important to me. Relatedness is as well. So I decided to name this blog, "VigilAunt".

I lived in India for many years and one convention there which I found most refreshing (having grown up in the U.S.A.) was that all the younger people there immediately call their elders "Auntie" or "Uncle". It is a way of affirming that all are related it seemed to me. As indeed we are.

In the U.S. culture, this largely seems to have been forgotten.

Of course, the nature of this relatedness is an open question. A question which bears exploring, it seems to me.

And, what is our role or responsibility for our progeny? Another very interesting question which bears exploring.

I intend to explore these questions in this blog. And many more related ones.

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